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School clubs 'boost exam results'

03/06/2009 Joanna
Extra curricular activities such as chess and football clubs can be directly linked to higher exam results, according to a new study.

New research by the Independent Schools Council (ISC) has found that children participating in after school clubs on average achieve better GCSE exam results than children who do not take part in any such activities, those looking for teaching jobs may be interested to read.

David Lyscom, chief executive of the ISC, told the Telegraph: "This new research shows how important extra-curricular activities can be in underpinning academic achievement."

School-age boys were shown to benefit the most from after-school activities, displaying the most marked difference between those who stayed behind to join up with clubs and those who headed straight home.

Additional benefits of extra curricular activities for children identified by the study included higher self-esteem, increased team-building capabilities, a more positive outlook on education and social benefits including a wider circle of friends.

The ISC represents 1,280 education institutions across the UK and is responsible for the education of over 500,000 pupils.
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