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School catchment areas 'have major impact on housing decisions'

07/03/2011 Joanna
The standard of local schools can have a major impact when it comes to the decision-making of potential property buyers, it has been claimed.

Amy Schofield, editor of, said the reputation of schools can be "enormously influential".

She pointed out that there have been some reports in the past of parents paying £100,000 over the asking price for homes located within the catchment areas of top schools.

"There are tales of parents lying about where they live, using false addresses, even using the addresses of relatives who live in the 'right' catchment area, just so they can ensure that their child has the best chance possible of getting into the top local schools," Ms Schofield commented.

She added that parents are increasingly finding ways to "play the system" and are not willing to simply sit back and take whatever they are offered regarding their children's education.

The Daily Telegraph reported last week that in some areas, one in four pupils will miss out on a place at their first-choice secondary school this year.
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