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School admissions framework 'will be simplified'

02/11/2010 Joanna
The government intends to make the school admissions framework fairer and simpler, according to education secretary Michael Gove.

Responding to the publication of a report by chief schools adjudicator Dr Ian Craig, the minister said the document raised a number of important issues.

"It is absolutely right that every parent should want their child to go to an excellent school, so school admissions will continue to be a controversial and sensitive issue as long as there are too few good school places," Mr Gove commented.

Dr Craig suggested that some faith schools unconsciously lean their admissions policies towards middle class children.

Mr Gove claimed he is committed to driving up standards and ensuring that all parents have a choice of high-quality schools that are close to home.

The introduction of the pupil premium will help to guarantee that children are not put at a disadvantage educationally because of their background.

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