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Recession-hit workers seek 'stability' in teaching jobs

02/03/2009 Joanna
A growing number of applications for and interest in teaching jobs has been attributed to the continuing impact of the global economic downturn.

According to a spokesman for the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA), it is the recession that is the major factor behind new figures that indicate that 10.7 per cent more people have applied for the profession compared to last year.

He noted that applicants, especially those who originally hail from the financial sector, view teaching jobs as a more secure option.

"As a lot of people have been made redundant there has been an increase in interest in teaching as a career because it is seen to be more stable," stated the spokesman.

The statistics produced last week by the TDA also indicated that one in ten career changers are considering becoming members of school staff.

And a 45 per cent increase in online enquiries from potential teachers has also been registered by the body.
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