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Pupils 'skipping school for cheap holidays'

13/06/2011 Joanna
An increasing number of British parents are open to the idea of allowing their children to skip school in order to secure a cheap holiday deal.

Research carried out by found that almost half of parents have taken their children out of class for a break abroad in the past.

Almost half of those surveyed said it is worth risking a fine of £100 in order to avoid higher holiday package prices.

Travel expert Bob Atkinson commented: "My advice to parents considering taking their children out of school would be firstly to seek permission from the school.

"Secondly, they should opt for taking time out at the end of the term rather than the beginning."

In total, 26,500 parents were fined between 2009 and 2010 for taking their children abroad in term time.

According to, a family of four could save more than 40 per cent on the cost of a holiday to the Algarve by jetting off during term time.

Posted by Dolcie Thacker

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