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Pupils reassured over test errors

05/08/2011 Joanna
Pupils affected by exam paper errors this year have been reassured that their grades will not suffer as a result.

Qualifications watchdog Ofqual said measures have been put in place that will enable markers to take the mistakes into account.

Ofqual chief executive Glenys Stacey commented: "Many young people are now getting ready for their exam results. While the vast majority of the thousands of papers this summer were error free, there were 12 incidents of errors found on live exams across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Awarding organisations have taken steps to address these errors during the marking and grading process.

"The actions taken have differed according to the circumstances in each case. As regulators, we are satisfied that everything that could be done has been done to make sure that, as far as possible, candidates have not been unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged and that there was a level playing field."

Ms Stacey added that she hopes affected candidates will be reassured by the measures that have been taken.

AS and A-level results are set to be published on August 18th, with GCSE results available from August 25th.

Several errors were discovered in exam papers this year, including AQA's business studies A-level and Edexcel's AS-level biology.

The number of errors reported this year was considerable more than has been seen in previous years.

There were no incidents in both 2009 and 2010.

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