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Pupils opt for alternative science qualifications, says report

23/04/2010 Joanna
Qualifications such as BTECs and OCR Nationals are corrupting the work of science teachers, a new study has claimed.

In news that might be of interest to those in teaching jobs, the report from the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance found that students were opting for alternative qualifications, instead of the traditional GCSEs in biology, chemistry and physics, in order to achieve an easier grade.

According to the report, the equivalence in qualifications "sparked much debate as to how the brightest could be identified and how employers could determine who was the most qualified for a job".

Phil Bunyan, director at the Consortium of Local Education Authorities for the Provision of Science Services, said the alternative science qualifications are part of a governmental effort to make the subject's courses more relevant to the needs of individual students.

"At GCSE level you have to tailor the courses to what varying students might want," he added.

Posted by Tim Colman
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