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Pupils need to be encouraged to 'take risks' by school staff

30/03/2009 Joanna
Schools have become more cautious about taking pupils on school trips due to the growing "blame-claim" culture developing in the UK, it has been argued.

And this is leading to those in teaching jobs becoming more cautious about taking pupils on school trips, a prominent adventurer has claimed.

This is the view of explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who was speaking at a conference organised by the Independent Association of Prep School (Iaps).

He was speaking after chief executive of the body David Hanson recently said that more needs to be done to encourage risk-taking in schools, stating that "excessive" red tape is stopping school staff taking pupils out of school.

Sir Ranulph addressed the audience about the importance of taking risks for a child's development.

"There have been times when taking some form of risk was the only way to overcome an obstacle and giving up would have been the only alternative," he said.

And he called on teachers to stop worrying about the litigation culture and prioritise adventurous trips for pupils alongside core subjects such as English and maths.
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