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Pupils miss out on bedtime storytelling, teachers say

30/04/2010 Joanna
The majority of primary teachers believe that many pupils in their classroom have never been read a bedtime story, new figures by Oxford University Press have revealed.

According to the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail [do you have to cite if they are both reporting it?], the survey found that 55.7 of the 300 staff in teaching jobs questioned have taught children who have never had the experience of being read a story.

Researchers believe that the lack of storytelling can have a negative impact on children's writing abilities.

"Every teacher knows the best writers, the most proficient writers, are always readers. It not only gives children language, it also develops their imaginations," literary expert and former primary head teacher Pie Corbett was quoted as saying by the publications.

In other news, staff in teaching jobs in England might notice differences between girls and boys in their approach to reading, a study has suggested.

The Renaissance Learning survey said that girls tend to enjoy reading more than boys.

Posted by Tim Colman
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