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Private schools 'planning to opt out of curriculum'

31/05/2011 Joanna
Hundreds of private schools are planning to move away from the national curriculum amid concerns that it is not challenging enough.

According to the Daily Telegraph, some schools are concerned that the curriculum sets the bar "far too low".

Many are planning to adopt new-style syllabuses specially designed for private prep schools.

Nicholas Oulton, former classics teacher and managing director at Galore Park, told the publication: "I have always thought that the National Curriculum sets the bar far too low.

"It is looking for the middle-ground and then dropping the standard a bit more to make sure that enough people can access it. To impose that on a whole cohort of children across the country just doesn't work, however much you attempt to reform it."

The new Independent Curriculum will be introduced in around 200 schools from September.

Education secretary Michael Gove announced earlier this year that there is set to be an overhaul of the general national curriculum amid concerns that students are not being equipped with the right skills to compete in the jobs market with children from similar nations.

Posted by Dolcie Thacker
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