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Private school pupils 'moving to comprehensives for A-levels'

12/04/2011 Joanna
The number of private school students that switch to comprehensives for their A-levels is on the increase, it has been claimed.

Education Guardian questioned headteachers from some of the country's leading schools and found that in some cases applicants from private schools have quadrupled in recent years.

Norman Hoare, Head of St George's comprehensive school in Hertfordshire, said that half of the applications he has received for sixth form places this year have come from students currently studying at private schools.

"There is at long last a realisation [on the part of parents] that there are some very good state schools," he said. "Ofsted – the school inspectorate – has done a good job of identifying the good schools and blowing our trumpets."

A review published last month by the Office for National Statistics concluded that some sixth form colleges may be wasting money due to poor budgeting and performance management.

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