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Primary schools urged to boost language learning

08/07/2009 Joanna
Primary school teachers have been told they need to increase the provision of language learning in schools if they are to meet government targets.

According to National Foundation for Educational Research, overall language provision in primary schools is on the rise and improving, but not at a fast enough rate to enable all schools to meet the government's target.

Ministers want all seven to 11-year-olds to have access to language lessons by 2010 and although many primary schools are doing good work in implementing the plans, the foundation has suggested that some will fail to make this deadline.

Nonetheless, there has been a 22 percentage point rise in the number of primary schools providing language learning to pupils between 2006 and 2008, reaching 92 per cent of all primary schools in 2008.

Meanwhile, Welsh schools watchdog Estyn has warned that more needs to be done in Wales to stimulate the learning of foreign language among young people.
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