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Primary schools 'can help raise university hopes'

21/10/2009 Joanna
An education charity has said more help should be given to primary schools to instil university ambitions in their pupils early.

Dr Lee Elliot Major, director of research at the Sutton Trust, explained that his organisation is already working with a number of universities to identify talented children before they have taken their GCSEs.

More could be done, however, to ensure young people from deprived backgrounds are not deterred from applying to the best universities, he added.

His comments follow the release of a new report, which revealed the education gap between areas of wealth and poverty in Britain is widening.

Conducted by the University and College Union, the study found the West Midlands to have the highest percentage of people without qualifications, while Richmond Park in south-west London had the largest number of graduates.

Written by Tim Colman

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