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Primary children not reading enough

20/06/2016 Joanna

Primary school teachers are concerned that they don't have enough time to put aside for reading, a survey has shown.

The research, which was conducted by Oxford University Press, saw 56 per cent of teachers saying that they don't feel like they can devote enough classroom time to reading and talking about books.

In addition, 63 per cent stated that only half of their pupils - or less - read for pleasure outside of the classroom. Because of this, 36 per cent want to be able to spend more time with their pupils during school on reading activities.

In order to develop a passion for reading, teachers believe that children need to have access to classic stories, stating that these are the type of books which inspired them as children, and that they use in the classroom even today.

Separate research conducted by the National Literacy Trust shows that many teachers are now using touchscreens in order to share stories with pupils, as technology continues to become more popular as a teaching aid. However, 82.2 per cent of educators remain confident using books in the classroom.

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