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Preschool boosts children's education

17/12/2015 Joanna
Preschool helps to boost a child's educational experience, according to a new study published by the Department for Education. The research shows that activities such as singing songs and nursery rhymes, teaching and playing with numbers and letters and reading with children can make them learn more effectively. 

Co-author of the study Professor Kathy Sylva,said that these types of activities can "turn the child on to learning", giving them an early advantage.

The study revealed that children who are provided with stimulating learning experiences by their parents as toddlers are in a much better position to make the most of their education. In addition, the likelihood of them going on to achieve good A-level grades is much higher.

Preschools too can offer this early boost to young children. Preschools whose support was rated "highly effective" in teaching early number concepts saw their pupils four times more likely to do well throughout school. 

Principal investigator Professor Pamela Sammons said: "Our findings reveal that preschool boosts a child's chances of doing well at school and going onto to take A-level examinations. Our research also shows that a child's educational experiences at home when they are under five really matter to their later academic success. Unfortunately, not all children get the same support from their parents and for these pupils, preschool is especially important."

The benefit of preschool is clear from the research, and could be particularly beneficial to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

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