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Portsmouth authorities equip primary teachers with breakfast packs

19/03/2010 Joanna
Primary teachers in Portsmouth are set to use breakfast packs to inform students about the benefits of healthy eating, according to a local news report.

The packs, which have information and activities for teachers and breakfast club staff, are part of a Big Lottery Fund funded-obesity campaign aimed at encouraging healthy lifestyles, the Portsmouth News has reported.

The scheme, which has been launched by Portsmouth city council, will also be extended to all junior local schools.

Asha Lal, health development officer, said: "We're often asked to supply information to schools, so the packs make it easy for teachers because all the resources are in one place."

In other news, state minister for environment and climate change Ed Miliband has backed a campaign to get free fruit distributed in Doncaster schools again, a local news report has said.

Eight-to-eleven-year-olds stopped receiving the food in 2009 after NHS funding, which paid for the programme, came to an end, according to the Sheffield Star.

Posted by Tim Colman
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