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Popularity of teaching jobs 'on the rise'

27/02/2009 Joanna
The number of people opting to take up teaching jobs has been rapidly escalating in recent months, recent figures have shown.

Published by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA), the statistics indicate that the last year saw applications for teacher training rise by over ten per cent.

And a spokesman for the body has spoken about some of the benefits of helping fill teaching vacancies in the country.

A good pension and the possibility for quick career progression, as well as the mobility to teach in a variety of institutions are among the advantages that he highlighted.

Furthermore, the official commented, teaching is "much better paid than most people think".

He added that the status of teaching has escalated over the last decade, noting that financial incentives are available for those who apply to fill teaching vacancies in science and maths.

According to a survey recently commissioned by the TDA, one in ten career changers are currently considering a move into teaching.
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