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Politicians stress need to build new schools

09/06/2010 Joanna
Local party leaders are urging the new government to make good on plans to build new facilities for people in teaching jobs in Darlington.

John Williams, Martin Swainston and Heather Scott, the respective Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative heads, have written to education secretary Michael Gove on the matter.

According to the Northern Echo, they are concerned that the £56 million initially planned from the Building Schools for the Future scheme and other funds may fail to materialise after Labour lost the election.

They explained that the schools are in deprived areas and falling behind other institutions because of this.

North Yorkshire councillor Jim Clark also spoke to the paper about his worries.

He noted that children in deprived areas perform less well at school than inner-city pupils.

People in teaching jobs are still at risk of spending cuts as Mr Gove has not committed to keeping original funding plans.

Questioned in the House of Commons, he said that building plans are still being reviewed.

Posted by Harriet McGowan

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