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Pokemon Go helps SEN students

21/07/2016 Joanna

The new Pokemon Go mobile app has taken the world by storm, with many articles popping up about the benefits it has had on many people's lives.

In fact, a school in Australia is reportedly encouraging their students to use the app, following research that shows the benefits it can have on their studies.

Craig Smith, an academic specialising in autism research, conducted research into the benefits of the app, which proved that students who used the game showed improved social skills and were able to engage better with their learning.

In addition, he said that the game was positively influencing students both with and without special educational needs to play outside and engage with their peers.

Speaking to the Independent, Mr Smith stated: "For many of the children I teach it’s hard to engage in social activities – even going down to the shops can be socially overwhelming. But what we’re seeing with the Pokémon craze is the same students are making conversation and engaging in social activities through the game."

He went on to say that it is important to use the children's interests as a "bridge into further educational opportunities for them".

It's thought that the benefits are particularly pertinent among children with autism, as they can often be reactive to the visual stimuli in apps and computer games, which can in turn help to develop their social skills. 

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