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Plymouth families to get special needs training

28/05/2009 Joanna
Families in the Plymouth area are to benefit from a custom sign language course.

Devised also for carers and friends of children with special needs, the course will be run by local charity Friends and Families of Special Children and the Plymouth School of British Sign Language.

The course has been created by two profoundly deaf teachers Sue Bevans and Jean Lethbridge the school's administrator told

Paul Craven explained that the course is set up "with the aim of enabling and improving their communication skills to the benefit of the children".

The course is also accredited by the British Deaf Association (BDA) and will go on for six weeks at a cost to its students of only £80.

Those attending will learn how to use British sign language to sign with a baby or toddler, nursery school children, primary school children and with teenagers.

The BDA hopes to attract more people than ever to its Learn to Sign week, which runs October 5th - 11th.
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