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Physics is a relevant and useful career skill, report states

19/05/2009 Joanna
Physics is a much over-looked school subject and can be applied to more careers and life situations than most people think, a report has stated.

According to Laura Grant Associates, who carried out the research on behalf of the Institute of Physics (IOP), just 22 per cent of last year's physics A-level exam entrants were female, a fact that special needs co-ordinators (SENCOs) and teaching assistants may seek to change.

Principle consultant Laura Grant commented: "Physics is all about logic - it's all about problem solving - and obviously that's relevant in pretty much any job.

"A physics background and scientific training will make you a better manager, a better lawyer - whatever the field you want to go into."

School staff could have an important role to play in making physics a more attractive prospect for female students.

The IOP has recently been working in close collaboration with the National Network of Science Learning Centres to produce an action research programme that will share successful methods of getting girls to engage with the subject.
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