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Pen and paper exams 'out of date'

28/02/2011 Joanna
Children should no longer use pen and paper in their exams, it has been claimed.

Writing for the Times Educational Supplement this week, Ofqual chief executive Mary Nisbet suggested that if schools fail to embrace new technology, the exam preparation process will "become a separate thing to learning".

"They use IT as their natural medium for identifying and exploring new issues and deepening their knowledge," she stated.

"Yet we are even now accrediting new GCSEs, due to run for several years, which are still taken largely on paper.

"This cannot go on. Our school exams are running the risk of becoming invalid, as their medium of pen and ink increasingly differs from the way in which youngsters learn."

Speaking to the same publication, Ziggy Liaquat said technology has the potential to make a huge difference in education, by making it more transparent and secure.

He noted that the examination system has yet to "fully realise" its potential.

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