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Parents 'should stay up-to-date with curriculum'

09/11/2010 Joanna
Parents have been advised to stay up-to-date where their child's school curriculum is concerned.

Catherine Hanly, associate editor at Mumsnet, said: "It's always a good idea to read anything the school sends home to do with the curriculum and, if you can, to attend any of the workshops your school may offer. That way you're equipped to help your children with today's homework. But the main thing is to show an interest yourself."

She noted that parents can impress their children by coming up with interesting facts they may not have heard at school or doing an experiment at home which supports something they have learnt during a science lesson.

In related news, the coalition government's poverty advisor Frank Field is set to present a review to education secretary Michael Gove this week.

According to the Guardian, it will contain recommendations that parenting classes be incorporated into the curriculum.ADNFCR-2164-ID-800226342-ADNFCR
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