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Parents 'should help ensure study leave is used effectively'

31/05/2011 Joanna
Parents have been given advice on how to help their children prepare for the exam season.

Speaking to the Bolton News, Gill Richards, headteacher at the prestigious Bolton School Girls' Division, said parents should try to ensure that teens make the most of their study leave.

"The rationale is that at home they will be able to revise in peace and quiet. However, you need to be absolutely clear that if your teenager is at home on study leave, they use the time wisely," she commented.

It is important that students remain focused on their work during this period and should not be allowed to watch television when they are supposed to be studying, she said.

Ms Richards added that parents should stay calm during the exam period and "retain a sense of proportion".

"It's not the end of the world if your child doesn't do as well as expected - remember that exams can be retaken," she added.

The BBC reported last week that a new high-tech device has been developed and will be used by Cambridge Assessment to flag up cheating in exams.


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