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Parents 'can demand one-to-one tuition'

19/11/2009 Joanna
Parents could soon have the right to demand one-to-one tuition if their child is falling behind, if new government proposals are accepted.

Published in the Children, Schools and Families Bill today (November 19th), the paper outlines what pupils and parents can expect from schools and suggests what can be done if teaching falls short.

Where schools cannot provide extra tuition, families will be entitled to receive extra lessons through their local authority.

Announcing the bill, schools secretary Ed Balls said the changes will "ensure every parent is guaranteed to have a good local school, a balanced curriculum, tough home school agreements and catch-up support for those who fall behind".

Also included released today is details of changes to the primary school curriculum, including compulsory teaching of evolution and a renewed focus on British history.

Traditional subjects will be replaced by six "areas of learning", as outlined in Sir Jim Rose's review of primary teaching.

Written by Harriet McGowan

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