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Parents are giving false addresses to get top schools

08/09/2016 Joanna

An investigation conducted by ITV News has revealed that hundreds of parents have lied about where they live in order to get their children into better schools.

In fact, more than 530 school applications have been rejected over the last five years after it has emerged that parents have given falsified or inaccurate addresses. This has even led to children being kicked out of school after term has started, if parents have purposely lied. 

After councils querying addresses many parents have withdrawn their applications to certain schools, however some have continued in their attempt to fight the system and have subsequently been taken to court and convicted.

Most commonly, people were using the address of a friend or family member that lived in the catchment area of their favoured school. In other instances, it was revealed that parents would rent a small room or flat near to their chosen school for a year to ensure their child was accepted, then cancelling this lease.

One person who contributed to the investigation admitted being paid by parents so they could say they were renting a room in her home, which was based within the catchment area of a school rated outstanding by Ofsted.

Of course, the extent to which this is happening has yet to be established, with some councils working harder than others to catch out these parents who are providing false information purposely.

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