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Outdoor lessons for Welsh early years school staff

26/03/2009 Joanna
School staff in the Welsh early years sector have been getting to grips with teaching outside the classroom.

The Welsh assembly has been holding special workshops for teachers, learning assistants and childcare workers for three to seven-year-olds, as part of training for the new Foundation Phase.

Introduced for three to four-year-olds in September 2008, this is due to be rolled out across the age range over the next few years.

This was confirmed last year when education minister Jane Hutt announced that she had secured funds for this rollout.

The curriculum, which features a focus on learning through play, includes suggestions for those in teaching jobs to take their pupils outdoors to enhance their learning.

During these training sessions in woodlands in Bridgend and Wrexham, school staff were equipped with the skills to do this effectively.

"We hope that these events will motivate, enthuse and encourage teachers and all those who work in early years to use the outdoors creatively and as an environment where children can learn," stated Ms Hutt.
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