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Online lessons 'planned for pandemic'

23/07/2009 Joanna
School closures due to swine flu could lead to those in jobs in education conducting lessons over the internet.
Plans to offer virtual-learning and homework by post have already been drafted, according to reports from BBC News.
Technology education body Becta told the BBC that it had begun working with the government to draw up guidelines on how teaching staff can best continue lessons in the event of a pandemic.
Becta told the news provider that their advice to people in school staff jobs would be to ensure that they hold parents' email addresses and that they can access school websites and intranets from home.
Schools could also extend any existing virtual "learning platforms" for students and teachers to share work.
Guidance issued by the government in November last year said that schools and local authorities should not neglect planning for a flu pandemic.
The government had then described the possibility of a widespread flu-outbreak as "inevitable".
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