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Online learning 'will become focus of education by 2025'

25/10/2016 Joanna

Technology-enabled forms of learning are likely to become an increasingly prevalent part of the educational landscape in the coming decade, according to a report.

Polycom's recent Education in 2025 - Technology Innovation survey questioned 1,800 people from a diverse range of job roles within the global education sector, revealing that most believe online learning will become more of a dominant approach, potentially even surpassing traditional classroom-based teaching.

It was revealed that 64 per cent of respondents believe students primarily engaged with teaching content in the classroom in 2015, but only 25 per cent believe this will still be the leading approach for learning by 2025. By contrast, 53 per cent of education professionals see real-time video collaboration and mobile devices as the main channel through which students will engage with content in a decade's time.

Moreover, 72 per cent of respondents said teachers are performing the leading role in education today, but only 40 per cent believe this will still be the case in 2025, as thought leaders and educational outreach programmes take more prominent roles.

It was noted that laptop use in a classroom environment is likely to see a major decline, as there is little benefit to having students in the same room if they are using separate laptops to go through an interactive online course.

To make better use of teaching resources, it was suggested instead that basic information-heavy lessons could be completed at home through online courses, thereby freeing up face-to-face classroom time for practical and interactive learning sessions.

Andrew Graley, Polycom's director of healthcare, education and government for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said: "There is clearly a trend for integrating technology with physical teaching; it's about finding a balance and doing what is best for the pupils.

"It's important that we don't lose that face-to-face practical teaching environment, but make sure we maximise the potential that technology can bring to the education landscape."

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