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One in six children 'don't read regularly'

23/08/2011 Joanna
A study carried out by the National Literacy Trust has revealed that one in six children do not read single book in a month.

Furthermore, it was found that seven per cent of youngsters have never visited a library.

The research found that children are more likely to read text messages and emails than novels.

Jonathan Douglas, director of the National Literacy Trust, commented: "Our new research shows that one in six children don't read a book in a month, and we are worried that they will grow up to be the one in six adults who struggle with literacy to the extent that they read to the level expected of an eleven-year-old, or below."

The poll revealed that 77 per cent of children who read for more than an hour at a time have above average reading ages.

A report published by the National Literacy Trust earlier this year suggested that failing to deal with literacy problems is threatening child poverty reduction progress.





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