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'On yer bike' for Bristol school staff

12/03/2009 Joanna
School staff have been getting on their bikes as they work to encourage their pupils to follow in their cycle tracks.

Sustrans Bike-It officers organised a workshop event for those in teaching jobs in the areas of Bristol and south Gloucestershire, reports the Bristol Evening News.

Teachers were expected to cycle to the training, before which they should have snacked on a Bike-It Breakfast, which are available at many schools in the UK.

Staff from 40 schools in the region attended the workshops, which were held at the Rose Green Sports Centre.

The event saw them learn how to best introduce cycling in their community, in the hope that they would encourage more of their pupils to take up the environmentally-friendly and healthy form of transport.

Sustrans Bike-It officer Ben Bowskill noted that figures show that just two per cent of children currently cycle to school, despite 47 per cent expressing an interest in it.

Bike to School Week could offer these children a good excuse to cycle, taking place on April 20th - 24th.
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