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Oliver unveils plans to invest millions in food education

22/04/2010 Joanna
Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver plans to invest millions over the next decade to improve the quality of food education and dinners in primary schools across the UK, in news which might be of interest to those in teaching jobs.

In an interview with the BBC, Mr Oliver said that individual schools can bid for "literally hundreds of thousands of pounds" to take measures such as building gardens and school kitchens.

Christine Haigh of the Children's Food campaign said that the chef's efforts over the years to improve school meals have been remarkable, noting that his work "has helped to secure the high standards we now have for school food".

However, she added that "his investment in school food will of course be welcome, but ultimately, children's food is too important to be left to the interests of rich celebrity chefs".

Earlier this year, a national study by the School Food Trust revealed that lunches taken by students in 2009 were healthier compared to those taken by children four years earlier.

Posted by Tim Colman
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