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NUT: Schools in Wales being shortchanged

09/12/2009 Joanna
Schools throughout Wales are receiving less funding than their English counterparts and as a result are being shortchanged, says the National Union of Teachers (NUT).

The NUT was responding to new figures revealing that each pupil in England has an average of nearly nine per cent more spent on them in school than pupils in Wales, a number that amounts to nearly £500 in additional expenditure, reports the Daily Post.

The research comes amid consternation from many teachers who say they are entitled to a ten per cent pay rise in 2010, though they will only be getting 2.3 per cent.

David Evans, Wales secretary for the NUT, told the paper: "Wales must close the gap. We have secured thousands of signatures on a petition from a public horrified to discover the Welsh Assembly spend on education lags behind that on England's schools."

In other education news, a school in Hampshire has turned around its exam performance to become one of the best in the region, partly by hiring better qualified teachers, reports the News.

Posted by Alan Douglas.
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