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Number of bookings and searches for term-time holidays goes up

19/05/2016 Joanna

An online travel agency has revealed the level of interest in holidays during school term-times has gone up following a landmark legal ruling.

Last week, Jon Platt won his legal case concerning a family holiday to Disneyland outside of the school holidays.

He had been fined £60 by his daughter's school, but challenged it in court as he did not believe he had acted wrongly.

The case eventually went to the High Court, which ruled that Mr Platt had not broken the law by taking his daughter out of school for the holiday.

It appears that this ruling has caught the attention of parents across the UK, as online travel agency has seen a surge of interest in term-time holidays.

The number of searches has risen by 92 per cent following the High Court's decision, while the number of bookings has gone up by 88 per cent.

Chris Clarkson, managing director of, commented: "When the news hit on Friday of Mr Platt's success in court, we wanted to keep an eye on bookings and searches over the weekend to see what impact it had, especially since the government announced that it would consider making alterations to the law as a result."

Mr Clarkson said such a change would have a positive impact on parents, especially since the cost of a family holiday would come down.

However, he pointed out that many parents appear to be taking this court case as a sign that they can also get out of paying a fine if they take their children out of school for a holiday.

This, he said, is particularly true among those who have already booked a trip away during term-time.

Mr Clarkson has therefore urged parents to be "wary until the law is changed", unless they are actually prepared to pay fines imposed by their child's school.

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