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Nottingham 'could get new Islamic academy'

28/07/2009 Joanna
The Islamia School in Nottingham is hoping that it could soon become an academy, open to children of all faiths, those with jobs in education may be interested to hear.

The city's Evening Post reports that the school's management is currently negotiating a process which could see it becoming state-funded.

Until now the school has only accepted fee-paying students.

Islamia School's founder Dr Musharraf Hussain told the paper: "There is a need for a new school in this area - there are lots of primary-age children and not enough places."

Dr Hussain added that he believed that there would be some resistance from the local community but said the project would represent "accepting Islam in real terms, rather than just paying it lip service".

According to the Post the Islamia would become a part-privately backed faith school open to all but maintaining an emphasis on the teachings of Islam, if the plan was accepted by the local authorities.

The school's latest Ofsted report said the school provided good education and care while praising pupils' "exemplary behaviour".

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