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North-west pupils fighting crime online

08/10/2009 Joanna
According to the Prestwich and Whitefield Guide, the programme will allow pupils to raise concerns about non-emergency incidents without having to tell a teacher or police officer.

Youngsters can also use the system to seek advice on a number of topics including bullying, weapons and drugs, claims the local news service.

Andy Ferguson, part of the Prestwich neighbourhood policing team, told the Guide the benefit of the School Help Advice Reporting Page (Sharp) facility is that it allows young people to communicate using technology they feel comfortable with.

"If this system stops one person from suffering any harm, or gives that one person who is crying out for help a voice, then it has achieved what the system was created for," he added.

According to Sharp's developers, the system can be personalised with school colours, a badge and a picture of a staff member.

Written by Alan Douglas

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