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'No magic answer' to school improvement

12/05/2011 Joanna
There is no magic answer when it comes to improving underperforming schools.

This is according to Janette Wallis, an editor at the Good Schools Guide, said that if one school had the answer then it would surely be cloned around the country.

"The government has tried with all sorts of various ideas, whether it is academies, whether it is parents setting up free schools - there is no magic answer to it. Obviously a lot of it has to do with getting parents in, getting them involved, with what the school is trying to achieve," she commented.

Education secretary Michael Gove today (May 12th) announced that the government plans to improve maths and reading standards by ensuring that students who do not gain a C grade or better in their GCSE exams continue to study these subjects until they achieve good qualifications in them.

He noted that in 2010, only 55 per cent of students managed a C or better in English and maths.

Posted by Dolcie Thacker
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