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News about Visa Applications.

29/10/2007 Joanna
This information about Visa Applications will be relevant for anyone applying for UK Ancestry Employment or Working Holidaymaker Visas.  New visa application forms (VAFs) will be introduced worldwide on 29 October 2007. From 29 October all visa applicants will need to use these new, improved forms to make an application.
Other changes to note include that visa applications are now going to be electronic (no longer handwritten documents) and that you will be required to provide Biometric Data.  This will likely involve a visit to a Visa Application Centre.  The British Government is introducing biometric data collection (fingerscans and digital photographs) as part of a world-wide identification processes for visa applicants, designed to protect an individual's identity, facilitate future entry to the UK, combat visa fraud and abuse of the UK's immigration and asylum systems.
For information about these changes check out the British High Comission website for your home country.
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