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New 'transparent' league tables to be introduced

20/07/2011 Joanna

The government has announced plans to reform school league tables to ensure that they only feature the highest quality qualifications.

This announcement follows Professor Alison Wolf's review of vocational education, which expressed concern that current league tables encourage schools to put students forward for exams which will boost their ranking, rather than benefit pupils.

"The government needs to give schools every incentive possible to offer the programmes and qualifications which will achieve this end. In recent years though, schools have been under enormous pressure to pile up league table points. When any qualification under the English sun can contribute these, the pernicious effects are obvious," Professor Wolf said.

She added that there should be a single list of good qualifications that all have the same key structural characteristics.

According to the Department for Education, qualifications should only be recognised on league tables if they have a proven track record and offer students the chance of progression into a broad range of post-16 courses.

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