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New school will teach in both Chinese and English

15/09/2016 Joanna

Next September the new Kensington Wade school is due to open, which will be the first school in Britain to teach all lessons in both Chinese and English.

According to the Evening Standard, the "immersive" dual language school intends to bring together the best of the educational culture of each country in order to provide top-quality education.

In addition, the approach should help the students to learn the Chinese language at a young age. 

Co-founder of the school and China expert at the University of Westminster, Professor Hugo de Burgh, says this will boost the future prospects of the students, as China has "a strong influence on business, politics and international affairs".

He is hoping that both British children and the children of Chinese ex-pats in London will attend the school, as well as those of other foreign families living in the capital.

The idea is that lessons will first be taught entirely in Chinese, then repeated in English in order to "reinforce what they have learned in both languages".

Furthermore, the school is hoping to immerse its students in Chinese culture, and will include martial arts in PE lessons, calligraphy in the arts programme and the Chinese learning technique of “maths mastery".

"I am delighted to be opening the first immersion dual language English Chinese school in Western Europe and to be able to offer children the opportunity to be educated in two wonderful cultures and education systems," Professor Burgh stated.

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