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26/03/2008 Joanna

Teaching Personnel's Recruitment Consultants regularly enjoy the opportunity to socialise with our International Teachers, photos from the last few months of social events are now updated, check out the link on the homepage of

This is but part of the service offered by Teaching Personnel's International Department, who facilitate the opportunity for teachers to meet their local consultants, this does happen most frequently in London but we have teachers and smaller social networks happening throughout the country. 

Teaching Personnel’s International Recruitment Team complements the existing service offered by our nationwide branch network.  Our comprehensive network and outstanding reputation enables us to offer a range of work to suits your preferences. 

Jackie, Kathy, Peter and Clare are all REC qualified Recruitment Consultants and Peter is an ex-teacher from Australia.  They have expert knowledge about the recruitment process, the supply teacher market and first hand experience of moving to the UK from Australia and New Zealand. 

These specialist consultants are responsible for representing you to the schools in areas you want to live, to help you prepare before your departure, to help secure your first position in the UK (by a telephone interview if needs be) and to help you settle into life and teaching in the UK upon your arrival. 

The International Recruitment Department regularly recruits teacher from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa.  We have visited Australia over the last few years to present at universities and career fairs to share our knowledge and enable you to actually meet the consultants who will be finding you work in the UK. 

Teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa are recognised by UK schools for not only having comparable qualifications to UK QTS, but also for bringing real value to the UK education system.  This is why we make such an effort to help so many teachers come over to the UK.

Contact us for more information on +44 (0) 207 0969934 or by email on

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