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New device 'to help flag up exam cheating'

27/05/2011 Joanna
A new high-tech device has been created to help stamp out cheating in exams.

According to the BBC, the new tool will be used by Cambridge Assessment, which runs three English exam boards.

The system works by analysing answers and flagging up any similar patterns between candidates.

A spokesperson for Cambridge Assessment explained: "If two or three candidates are getting exactly the same marks for questions, then possible cases of cheating can be investigated.

"If a lot of candidates are getting the same marks then an investigation for malpractice can be set up."

Stephen Hunt, head of compliance at the exam board, said another weapon against cheating is "always welcome".

He added that the new screening device fills the gaps in the board's ability to detect malpractice and will be used to help maintain the integrity of exams.

According to Cambridge Assessment, it will send a clear message to students that cheating in examinations will not be tolerated.

Posted by Dolcie Thacker

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