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New book focuses on special needs

19/08/2009 Joanna
A retired special needs teacher in Scarborough has published a book dedicated to the children she worked with during her time in the classroom.

The Scarborough Evening News reports that Pam Young has written the book to highlight the issue of children with special needs and to encourage more people to see the world from their point of view.

The 59-year-old author will be signing copies of the new book on Saturday September 5th in Scarborough and is eager to use the opportunity to highlight the work done with children with special needs, as well as showing off the skills of the youngsters themselves.

Speaking about her decision to write the book, Ms Young told the newspaper: "I just felt that people need to know about these children so they could look at things from their point of view."

The Darlington and Stockton Times has also reported on a new book that has been written by a former teacher.

Former supply teacher Lynn Miller has written a book designed to help young people cope when a parent goes off to serve overseas in the armed forces.
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