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New app to help teachers monitor pupils' progress sees success

14/10/2016 Joanna

A recently-introduced smartphone app to help teachers monitor their students' progress has proven popular since its launch in the UK.

The Target Tracker Observations app for iOS devices was developed by the Essex County Council-backed EES for Schools, as an add-on to its market-leading pupil progress and attainment software system Target Tracker.

Since it was launched on September 30th, it has generated significant take-up, with 11,500 downloads in its first week. EES for Schools will continue to produce new updates for the app based on user feedback.

Designed to help make the evidencing progress as simple as possible for teachers, the app allows teaching professionals to record observations straight from the classroom or on the go, with the notes then accessible on the desktop version of Target Tracker, where they can be further amended or developed.

Both the desktop and app version of Target Tracker have also been designed to facilitate Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) profile submissions, allowing photos to be uploaded straight to the software to make it as easy as possible to add pupils' work to their profiles.

The simple-to-use app also lets teachers assign formative assessments within the observation feature against the EYFS and national curriculum, making it possible to chart out a clear and effective learning journey while identifying gaps in knowledge that need to be addressed.

Chris Smith, head of Target Tracker at EES for Schools, said: "The portability will make it easier for teachers to document and track pupils' observations and progress from EYFS to year 6.

"We hope schools use this app to create more effective learning journeys for pupils, and enable teachers in KS1 and KS2 to have a better tool for collecting evidence for and supporting their end-of-year moderation, particularly at the end of Key Stages."

More than one-quarter of all primary sector schools in England already use the basic desktop version of Target Tracker.

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