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New academies 'may not work well in practice'

27/05/2010 Joanna
The creation of more academies could widen the gap between the best and worst schools, according to Sue Fieldman, regional editor of the Good Schools Guide, in news that might be of interest to staff in teaching jobs.

She said that it might sound like a very good theory but the practise could be different since there is "so much organisation, development and administration involved in running schools".

Ms Fieldman's views emerged after the Queen's Speech outlined the coalition government's intentions to introduce legislation that will enable more to achieve academy status.

Under the proposals, staff in teaching jobs will also be given greater freedom over the curriculum while new providers will be allowed to run state schools.

According to Ms Fieldman, there are still many issues that need to be clarified, such as the staffing of the new schools. "Are they [teachers] going to be leaving the existing schools that are not doing terribly well and go to the new schools?" she asked.

Posted by Tim Colman
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