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MPs back Academies Bill

27/07/2010 Joanna
New legislation that will lead to more professionals in teaching jobs working in academies has been backed by MPs.

The Academies Bill was the subject of a vote in parliament this week and won the support of most MPs.

Although the coalition government won the vote with a majority of 92, six Liberal Democrat MPs opted to not to go with the party line and instead sided with the opposition.

John Pugh MP, who represents Southport in the House of Commons, was particularly critical of the fact that parents will not be balloted if a school wishes to become an academy.

"Changing the status of a school without allowing the parents of children at the school a decisive voice is extraordinarily hard to justify," he commented.

Mr Pugh has already put forward an amendment to the bill on allowing mothers and fathers a say, but believes the opposition to his idea shows there is a "relative indifference to parental wishes".

The bill has also been criticised by the National Union of Teachers, which has described it as an "attack on the very existence" of free state comprehensive education.

Posted by Theo Foulds
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