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More specialist teachers 'are needed'

07/08/2009 Joanna
There is a shortage of specialist history teachers in UK schools, says new research.

According to new figures released by the Conservative party, there are more physical education teachers than there are history teachers in secondary schools.

Shadow secretary of state for children, schools and families Michael Gove said: "Giving every child the opportunity to learn our island's story is crucial to improving education."

He called for headteachers to be given more power over their school's budgets to help recruit specialised staff.

Mr Gove added that the government needs to ensure that funding to attract the best teachers is focused on the most deprived areas.

Recent reports indicate that fewer than one-third of pupils sat the history GCSE exam in 2008.

Last year saw 31 per cent of pupils choosing the subject compared with 35 per cent in 1997.

The Conservatives said the figures were proof of the "decline and fall of history in our schools".

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