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More parents want their autistic children in mainstream school


As teacher training for children with special educational needs (SEN) continues to improve, particularly for autism, more parents than ever are keen for their children to be enrolled in mainstream school.

While there are a variety of options for specialist schools throughout the UK, many parents say that they want to give their children the opportunity to integrate with all sorts of children, as they feel it would give their child a better chance of becoming independent and self-sufficient as they grow older.

This option might not be possible for all children with SEN, but for those with mild autism, it's becoming a much more viable option.

In fact, just last week the government announced that autism is now to be included in core teacher training, meaning that all teachers will now receive much more stringent training to allow them to better support SEN students, particularly those with autism.

Adam Boddison, chief executive of charity Nasen, said: "This is excellent news for thousands of children and young people who will now be able to benefit from teachers who understand more about autism and are better prepared for meeting their needs in the classroom."

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