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More graduates turning to teaching jobs, says union leader

16/03/2009 Joanna
Teaching will soon become the "top destination" for bright graduates, it has been suggested.

According to Dr John Dunford, the general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), teaching jobs are growing in popularity among young people.

He noted that a growing number of graduates are applying to the Teach First programme, while graduate teacher programmes are proving more popular with former City workers.

And this profession will soon overtake those in the City as the most popular destination for graduates, Dr Dunford argued at the union's annual conference, suggesting that they are beginning to question the 'morality' of financial sector work.

"Young people who, until recently, headed straight from university to the City to make their fortune are questioning whether there is any moral purpose in that," he told the conference.

The number of people applying to teaching jobs training has been boosted by ten per cent this year, according to recent figures from the Training and Development Agency for Schools.
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