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More disciplinary powers for teachers

22/11/2010 Joanna
Teachers are to be given more disciplinary powers as part of a government white paper to be published next week.

According to the Daily Telegraph, staff will have the power to confiscate mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.

Speaking recently, education secretary Michael Gove said many students believe the law is on their side, while teachers worry about breaking the rules.

He said: "Under the last government's approach to discipline, heads and teachers lived in fear of breaking the rules while troublemaking students felt the law was on their side. We have to stop treating adults like children and children like adults.

"We will ensure that the balance of power in the classroom changes and teachers are back in charge."

In other news, Mr Gove suggested to the Times Educational Supplement last week that teacher training in the UK could be overhauled and made more classroom-based in the future.

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